Our Complaints Procedure

Seneca IP Limited is committed to providing a quality service for its clients that is open and transparent.

It is in the interest of complainants and insolvency practitioners that complaints are dealt with professionally and expeditiously.

Insolvency complaints may arise because of a miss-understanding of the legislation under which insolvency practitioners are required to act. In many cases, actions or outcomes that are obvious to insolvency practitioner may be seen as wrong or unfair.

Whist responding to a complaint, we always endeavor to provide a clear explanation of the matters affecting the duties of an office holder, including the relevant legislation.

Should you wish to make a complaint your complaint should be made in writing to:

The Complaints Officer
Seneca IP Limited
Speedwell Mill
Old Coach Road

The Complaints Officer will endeavor to resolve any issues fairly and quickly.

If you remain dissatisfied, you should contact the IPA, our authorizing body, via The Insolvency Service as listed below:

Web portal – IP Complaints Gateway


IP Complaints
Insolvency Service
3rd Floor
1 City Walk
LS11 9DA




Insolvency Service Enquiry Line on 0845 602 9848 (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm)