Upfront Fee Estimates

Transparency in insolvency is always a key issue that arises in any debates regarding the current state of Insolvency law in the United Kingdom. Due to the number of parties interested in the outcome of any insolvency proceeding, including the debtor, creditors and employees, it is desirable that these parties are as well informed as possible, particularly when being required to pass resolutions which will affect the proceedings directly.

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Free Companies House

In a move to provide free company information, Companies House has launched a BETA service in which all of the public digital data from documents filed on the register of companies at Companies House and can normally be accessed for a small fee have been made available and can be accessed for free.

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Revamped Website

As you can see we have recently updated our website. We will be aiming to keep you upto date with the latest information via our news blog. Sit tight and keep an eye out for further updates.

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